Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Morals never made much sense to me but as so many people seem to think they are important, i wanted to think about them some more...

After looking at morals and their application in the world, i conclude that morals are used by humans to justify being inhuman. It seems that by being moral people do the very worst things.

So morals are not what people think them to be.

As most inhuman acts are done in the name of morals I am glad i never bought into them. I think it is best to be nice to people rather than being moral to them. But I guess some cant figure out how to do the being nice thing, so they madeup morals instead.

The problem is every situation in life is unique, if you apply a fixed ruleset to life you are a robot and you will endup treating people bad in key situations.

Morals cant substitute being sensitive to a persons feelings or even just asking them what they would preffer in a tricky situation you dont quite understand.

Taking this further i guess the most moral people must be the most insenstive people. They will need a moral code because the cant figure out what to do, they have to go an look up in a morals book.

The reason someone wont be able to figure what to do is because the cant intuitivly 'feel' what is best in relation to the preson or situation... they are 'numb'.

So logically, insensitive people have to be the moral ones. Insensitive robot people that will do whatever the program in the book says. Its easy to manipulate numb people, its normally done by carrot and stick techniques.

I am glad that we are challenging traditional moral codes in society. So much unconstructive behaviour comes of these. We are transitioning from being a set of inhuman robots programed by religious rulers to nice human beings that have a chance of getting on.

You see, if everyone has morals it is impossible to get on. The sooner we drop morals completly the better.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

pc to the death

There seem to be two themes for me today in the news.

The main being the freedom of speech issue:

After western society spent so long deciding that freedom of speech was a good and important thing for a progressive and modern society, we now seem to be caving in to aggressive people who are scared by such a thing.

We seem to confuse being PC and polite with pandering to all religious views.. How ever intolerant those views are. The religious hatred bill in the UK is a good example of something not only being a regressive step but also being just broken in logic.

What if we had a religion that was intolerant to other religions (hmm, how could that happen) and what if that religion said offensive things about another religion as part of its core beliefs...

What madness we entertain on earth..

Second theme, Lovelock, father of gaia theory gives us about another 20 years before the world is in environmental chaos, no one still cares, he thinks we should all just start partying, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Lets just build a few more wind turbines and that should fix it, not. Oh and Exxon Mobil just posted the largest profit ever of any company - 36billion. cant confirm, but I'll bet that is more than has ever been spent on alternative clean energy, ever ever.

What madness we entertain on earth..