Sunday, June 01, 2008


Why is a Therapist a Therapist

I think you become a therapist if you are looking to heal yourself in some way. If you want to be a therapist, i think you are trying to heal what i call an issue of face.

Deeper down you know there is a problem but you don't want to show it on the surface. Becoming a therapist is a great way to address this.

To the outside world you are a therapist so you must be ok, on the inside world you can learn about the type of issue you are really trying to fix in yourself by 'helping' everyone else who has that problem, and wants to talk about it to you. It works very well if you have a face issue and want to work on healing what is behind the face in a faceless way.

In this respect all forms of therapy can be thought of as manipulative.

Well, that is OK because someone is coming to a therapist because they want to get 'fixed' of course they want to be manipulated and they will pay for it.

So to use a therapy term, therapy is based on a co-dependence relationship between the therapist and the client. The therapist gets to manipulate the client, pretending they are the well one, and the client gets to pay the therapist and pretend they are the sick one.

So in this game the client has become well when they realize they don't need to see a therapist and the therapist has become well when they realise they don't need to be a therapist.