Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have never felt so open and alive, so vulnerable and so connected, so out of control and so OK. So soft and so sweet. But uncompromising all the same.

Why do I feel uncompromising ? When I feel truly OK, I seem to lose the feeling of any reason to compromise. In any way.

Its OK to be alive as every breath moves my blood from head to toe. My body an instant in the infinity. But it is my home for that fleet moment, I love my home.

I feel available to real choice, to doing anything, that feels good, for everyone involved, without compromise. That is my true body. But without my physical body how could I ever know that.

Changes move as I do. And so do you.

Multidimensional Imaginings

All i know is me. As all I can know is relation to that. Everything else can not be real, it is imaginary. But i know the reality in all imaginings as my relation to those imaginings.

Things change and I exist as the relational experience of change. It happens in me not too me. I change and so do you if you know me. I suspect you do even if you don't.

It seems a good idea to be practising an aware non-resistance to all experience, to smooth the way to expanding my experience of me.

If everything out there is an imagining I can cultivate the belief ‘If its happening now, that's what i needs to be happening or it would not be happening’ fully responsible and victimless.

Response able means to have the ability to validate what's happening now, present in it, if I don't like it, I can consciously change my response to it. (a habitual response is not response able. Stop, Maybe i want a new me.)

I change my universe on a penny when i stop to realise i can. The only thing that defines if i stay in any new universe is me. I validate the reality or invalidate it to choose again. It can be conscious or unconscious. I create my cage the moment I forget this. I need a cage to have the experience of growing out of a cage. Its all OK. The meaning I provide determines the effect in my experience and I step into that new reality.

I cultivate my imagining into a multidimensional expansion of i am. Its all ways me so why not add more to my all. why ? if its fun. So why not pick a fun imagining.

Its a choice in the play to see it my way. If its not my way and i see it as not my way, I have imagined myself a cage again, was that really fun. It can be, if I did it, I will let it be, to be less then more is still a cool door.

My imagination is the superhighway to all information flows to reach my conscious now experience. My portal to all dimensions and all existences, past, future, present and parallel. Multidimensional in nature, my nature, sensitive to non-ordinary and ordinary realities intertwined and experienced as me now. The more I allow this, the more I find my deeper expanded identity.

I move beyond conventional boundaries of experience and I move back again.

Its a cloudy day in London, I feel open and endless.

Be master of yourself-everywhere. And all you do proves true.
Zen saying

Saturday, July 03, 2010

carry bag

Amazing how much stuff coming up and letting go. Put up a fight to hold on.

I stopped feeding and carrying a load of people over the last six months. Its taken the lid of a whole bunch of stuff. All bubbling up now, but I clearly see why I was doing it all as it moves on. Unworth and victim vamp, anger about it and a load of shame to hold it all in. Is it really me.

Nice to finally be letting go of that story. Its quite an identity. Without it I even more get to do what I want. But what is that ? scarily I have to do it moment to moment. Feel my way, cant plan much any-more as its too mental. Even more feeling. Its like there are no ends or edges in this place.