Sunday, June 28, 2009


Played this today

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ode to the dog on the log

Inspired by Katie Fin Fin

To the dog on the log on a date with his mate
who was dancing around chanting pieces of eight

He said here there mate just sit on yer crate so
we can get on and enjoy what we have with this here date

I am happy and see I'm dancing for me, his mate said with
a gait that you would slate was the paragon fate of free and fine fandangaree.

The dog on the log spoke with a slow knowing nod to his god in the log on the bog of the dog with the prize of the wise.

You will listen to me and you will certainly see, I'll talk to god while i sit on my log and you can fuck of with your jamboree spree. Oh i can be knowing and so worldly wise and then you will miss out on the ultimate prize.

Your gods not for me i am to jamboree, logs and bogs are not me see! I'll have pieces of eight and dance on yer crate and you can come and join me there anytime mate.

You better be wary just look out for me and know you cant truly be fancy free. I'll kick over the crate and take your pieces of eight, we can end this date before it gets late.

Bully for you, you stingy poo is that really what you want to do..

Oh yes Oh yes i love to stew cos then i have control of you.

And so the dog on the log on the bog in the fog found god and god was proud of the dog and vowed that what will be will be so we can see in that we are truly free