Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The State Is Dead, Roll On the Global Free Republic

After my last article 'a time to die' people kept asking me 'so what's next'. So here is my go at an answer.

To me the financial system of our world seems to be bankrupt. The governments that prop it up seem to be bankrupt too. I don't believe we need either of them and the sooner they finish collapsing the sooner we can get on with living a better life on this planet.

I think the present conception of the State is dead* as a viable future entity, in fact the body has become bloated and is beginning to rot from the inside out. It will take years for the general public to realize it, but the smell is growing by the months and its coming out of multiple orifices.

*(the part of the State that will go first is the financial system of bank debt issued money by government FIAT)

The closest thing to states in the future are social networks, examples are 'World of Warcraft', 'eBay' and 'Facebook'. They don't need government  but they do need a form of exchange or money.

The rotting bodies of the States we live in are going to continue to produce gas for a while. We will see this gas continue in the form of more money being printed. I think its a good idea to slowly get out of fiat currencies, or at least start to seriously consider the alternatives.

The great thing is we don't actually need states and governments as they are constructed today, we only think we do. We are conditioned to depend on it as a strange sort of parent figure, its a weird relationship. We think ‘they’ will look after us when its really the last thing on any politician's mind.

What we need is the ability to trade and travel, and we certainly don't need a massively inefficient financial system that leaches off everyone's trade. The collapse of both our present financial system and the governments that are hooked up to it is a great thing. It is going to allow some far more efficient and exciting alternatives to take their place.

As the system collapses, trade will continue but its going to move to using what works. There will be a big financial move back into precious metals, the historical fall back position of real value. You only need to look at gold prices over the fifteen years to see that most people in the know jumped this way long ago. But gold is hard to trade with except as coin, even then, you cant send it long distance without a chariot.

The second exciting option opening up is the move to digital currencies. You may think you have this already in the form of digital bank transfers, but that is only a digital version of current fiat currency.

Anyone can start a digital currency if they a) know how to build the secure compute infrastructure b) know how to build trust in the service. e-gold is a good example of one that started taking off but was blown out by the US courts, i believe it was becoming too big a threat to the status quo at the time.

Three things you need to understand about digital currencies (dc's) these are all about 'responsibility' when you understand that a true dc is really just like coin. You need to be responsible for your coins and what you do with them. The coins or the coin manufacturer are not responsible and should not be held accountable for your screw-up as is the case with real money (but its not the case with our present 'financial system').

1. you can't blame the dc (or coins) if people do fraud with it. There is tonnes of fraud daily on the net, especially with credit card and internet banking, you just don't hear about it because its so common its not very news worthy. The dc is simply the form of exchange. Just because bank robbers like stealing gold from a bank you don't blame the gold for being a compact and easy to move store of wealth. Dc's are much easier to move about than gold, they will likely be blamed for it.

2. you have to be responsible for your dc (coins), nobody is going to look after it for you if you send it to the wrong place. A dc must be non refundable as it has to behave like real coins. It would be no good if you went to a shop to buy something and then at a later date you could just cancel and pull back your coins. If a shop has a refund policy, that is a completely different issue, its between you and the vendor.

3. Security is up to you. Modern online banking is a joke security wise, the security questions commonly used are an example of this joke. Your account is much less secure the moment you have any security questions. The reason for the questions is to reduce support problems, when you lose your password. In the real world of true security, if you loose your password its the same as forgetting where you left your wallet. Or another example is if you make simple two letter password, the analogy would be then of keeping your wallet on the table outside the house. Its up to you.

I don't expect dc's to become widely used while our present financial system still has a semblance of 'working' and dc’s pose too big a threat to the status quo. But as the system collapses we will have a rapid move toward them. (Its going to be very hard to establish a global 'regulated' alternative. But I'am sure we will see centrally controlled global fiat options presented as the 'solution' to the crisis. Actually I think its here already in the from of the IMFs SDR)

I reckon its a good idea to be prepared and figure out the lay of the land with dc's.

I think that we will see is a future of many competing digital currencies each with their own specific cool features. There will be many digital exchanges where you can convert between these dc's and fiat currencies or other local currencies. Each currency system will embody a set of values that are encoded into the algorithms it uses. These values will be transparent rather than covert, as it is the values that will keep the users using that currency as opposed to another.

Where we are going next ?

One exciting development or what i believe will be the 'killer app' for dc's is when social networks such as World of Warcraft (WoW) or Facebook use either an existing dc or create their own for trading within their network. For example WoW could completely replace their monthly fees with a basic tax on the dc's traded in the world. Facebook has been experimenting with its own credits, but so far has backed away from running a real independent dc from the state Fiat system. When will social networks 'come out' and challenge the present State system ? when they do, this is when the the State as we know it is truly dead, Why ?

Current states are tax farms. Ie they farm the people within the borders for taxes. The reason states work so badly is that they do this against the will of the people. This is a redundant non-evolutionary (ie closes down opportunity for evolution within the state) way to operate.

This redundant approach requires government, the two party dialectic operates as a system of ‘disinformation management’ for citizens so the tax farm can continue to operate.

You see there are many things the citizens would not do if they were not ‘coerced into it’ through disinformation management, the best example is paying taxes. (Government often does disinformation management by pitting social groups against each other, the two party 'democratic' system is the primary example of this, simply the classic 'divide and rule' paradigm. If government was not about ‘disinformation’, sites like wiki leaks would be a non issue)

Imagine what a state could do if it simply worked 'with' the citizens not against them, and provided them the information they wanted and needed. All the redundant lobbying and disinformation management infrastructure would just be blown away leaving an efficient machine that could serve a clear and simple goal, 'like a company with a vision statement'. Everyone in a society could start to point in a unified direction. Its very radical.

You may say 'this will never happen' but consider a world where people exchange skills and info over the internet in exchange for a crypto untraceable dc. This is a non taxable situation and its very doable today, there are many open source projects building forms of what I am talking about.

Tax will have to become voluntary in our future. And to be voluntary the organisation that is running the dc will have to do exactly what its users desire.

I think the future is very simple.

The borders of the future state will simply be the membership of a social network. The difference to our states today simply being of user consent. Citizens become voluntary ‘users’

I think a real global republic is based on the freedom to choose whatever social networks you want to be a user of, along with the allowance of competitive dc exchange without interference or 'regulation'.

(competitive dc exchange will be strongly discouraged by the status quo, noone wants to loose their money monopoly, but there is nothing that can be done about it other than shutting down the internet, so I doubt it will happen)

The freedom to travel and freedom to exchange.

You won't need to vote for government, but you will decide what networks you are a user of and you will decide which dc's you like. All of this will in turn have a large effect on the world you are living in.

This future holds a complete 100% turnaround. Right now states as we know them try to keep people or 'users' out because the states are so incredibly inefficient, they cant handle more users. That's dumb, and it makes no sense, because if a state is a tax farm, surely it wants more people to tax.

A well operated Social Network is just the opposite, more users mean more revenue for the network, period.

Ok, if this is too big leap for you, here is one example. Facebook makes money by the fact it has users. The actual code to build a site like Facebook is trivial, a company like Microsoft could have a functional competitor up in under six months. The trick is how to get the 'network-effect' to build a critical mass of users. Facebook got there first, picked the 'social kudos' high ground of the academic institutions and built a massive user base from there. You would think it is unassailable. But imagine if a competitor social network started offering a large portion of revenue, back to the users via its dc. This for example could serve as a 'Minimum Basic Income' for being a user. Getting paid just to be a member, now that's an incentive to move to a new network.

And what if that network owned some real farms, or managed forest, The possibilities for the world are just massive.

(a. yes, i am saying that that unless face book starts to pay people a minimum basic income in some dc they are at risk of loosing out to the first decent alternative that does. I use the term 'minimum basic income' mbi. The general point is a default pay to all members. It avoids all the issues you get with both minimum wages and citizens getting stuck on social benefits scared to get a job again.

b. workers unions can have so much more power, they simply need to understood the value of their workforce and reflect this into a social network. Ie social networks can start to represent groups of skilled workers that could then grow value in a dc because of their recognition and articulation of what they are. Then the union (as represented by the social network) can agree any pay agreement through say exchange of their dc value for man hours at a given team quality level.)

Remember, its all a game, it always was and it always will be. The games we play create our world. Good 'network game design' is the future evolution. A healthy competitive market network model is the way to evolve the best most useful games for us as a global society to create our world with. Keep the dc's free and keep allowing truly open internet access.

I believe the inevitable result of those two freedoms (or even just the one of true open access) is the continuing decline of the state and the emergence of a truly free global republic based on an opt in next generation social network model.

Luckily I think the states are managing to kill themselves as their own financial model and redundant system chokes them to death. Be ready to jump to a nice dc and you can be business as usual. (social networks will jump to this function as soon as the threat of government  is diminished)

I am looking forward to joining a cool social network that encourages the growth and learning of its users and gives everyone a minimum basic income if they join.


Where it can all go: Next Gen DC's

For the more technically Minded

- Bitcoin looks great as a P2P crypto currency.
- Metacurrency Defining currency as simply a set of game rules


The Defunct State Model

Doug Says it very well in this short interview

Summary of the redundant State Model from Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio:


The Defunct Fiat Money Model Explained

This is a good summary about how existing fiat money works. (The new model I am describing is completely the opposite of this. Because dc's 'can be' based on a non debt based 'Real Money' model. Enable free non regulated dc competition and the dc users will naturally move to the most 'efficient' dc for exchange)


Components of a New Model: Eve Online

Eve online is a space fantasy on line world with about 300,000 users. Users navigate space and can both trade and take part in space battles. To succeed you have to be a) organised b) become part of an organisation of other players that is highly organised. Its about the best example of a social network that shows the way to what is possible. Ie An enabling infrastructure for organisation of very complex tasks by diverse social groups. Eve has highly organised corporations and even stock markets within the world. Real companies hire CEO's from eve because they know anyone who can organise and focus a corporation in eve can do the same in the real world. Its not hard to imagine how everything in this game could be transplanted to driving real corporations and teams in the real world and connecting it all with a digital currency to pay everyone with.

This video is about the online portal that lets corporation members (within eve) get at all the info they need. Its an example of the social net provider supporting information access for the tools the 'users' need and education about it. Why don't traditional workers unions do this ? And supply workforces via their 'nets' to corps. It would support de-construction a traditional corporation into an entirely new model decentralised model that is far more competitive and streamlined.

This next video is an example of just one interaction in eve. Planetary resource gathering. It almost looks too complex and tedious, dare i say, 'like work'. But that's exactly the point, and thousands of kids are learning more about management and trading in 'games' than at school.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A hidden case of Stockholm Syndrome

For most of known history women have been a slave cast in our society. I believe the psychological effects of this historical slavery are still in our world today. Understanding them and acknowledging how they still effect all of us, is I believe, the route to leave the paradigm it helps support behind us and move on to a more balanced relational world. As the story mirrors in the yin yang balance of everything we relate to, male or female.

A Slave is someones property, a slave is owned by its master and does the masters bidding.

Some examples:
- In law, for example in marriage, women are called a 'chattel' which means 'movable property' a girls father hands over his movable property or 'daughter' to the new movable property owner, the husband.
- Women have only had the right to vote for around a century and much less in most places. Many countries still treat women as second class citizens.
- In religion, for example in christianity a faith based on the doctrine of 'original sin' the Woman Eve is credited with being the first sinner, then being the 'temptress' who brought adam into the crime. Both Islam and Judaisim prescribe to the same story. Its a big deal to blame one sex for all the world's problems ie original sin.
- Women or 'movable property' are 'cast out' when they don't have an 'owner' or husband/father. In many countries they still are. The only other traditional owners a woman could go to were a 'pimp', by becoming a whore, or staying officaily still a daughter ie 'a daughter of christ' to be 'managed' by a new mother the 'mother superior' in a convent.

The only exceptions where women could actually 'own themselves', were by becoming either a 'widow' or a 'witch'. Historically society had quite a bit of trouble distinguishing these two. Witch trials were a sham, but basically the real difference is simply the widow does not have sex again and the witch did have sex again. The trial and the issue is really about the sexual freedom of women.

A free sexual woman was a dangerous woman and should be threatened in the most horrible way possible ie to be burned alive. Just like slaves are when they away from their owners. They are burned alive in a lynching. Fear is the psychological tool for cheap slavery maintenance. You dont need an army when you have Guilt and Fear at your disposal, already programmed in to the slaves.

I believe women are afraid to fully explore their sexual freedom for these reasons buried in the unconscious. I have not met a woman who does not seem to be a slave-in-recovery on some level, there is a very particular flavour to this fear. I also think this has an equivalent counter effect on men, where men feel unconsciously guilty of being the 'slave owner' even though on the conscious side they feel good about the power women 'naturally' give away to them as 'superior' men. So in a way, men are slaves to women being slaves to men. I just think of it as a victim of a victim, who starts the a merry dance.

In this context, taking a view of common women's magazines can look like seeing manuals on how to be a good slave, with material on tips and tricks on 'how to please your man' that to me reads like a manual on 'how do I keep my slave master happy so I get more treats' and stuff all about 'other peoples lives' that can read like 'don't think about your own life, you're a slave, so that would be painful, here is a better alternative to believe in' But so a lot of this applies to men too but that story is more about 'who you are by what you do out there'

Women still seem to buy into a slavery story on many levels and it seems to help support a conflicted love/hate relationship with men in general. And then I think the men get even more confused, or maybe just I do.

This morning I realised that what we had was a hidden case of Stockholm Syndrome in the unconscious dance. Stockholm Syndrome is the term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors, that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.

The most well-known (if infrequently acknowledged) victim of this syndrome is the female protagonist in the story of Beauty and the Beast. In the original version of the tale, the girl is captured by the beast and asked daily at dinner-time whether or not she loves him.

Its like this story is told in preparation for the slavery to come for a young girl.

"Stockholm syndrome is named after the Norrmalmstorg robbery of Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, in which the bank robbers held bank employees hostage from August 23 to August 28, 1973. In this case, the victims became emotionally attached to their captors, and even defended them after they were freed from their six-day ordeal."

"Psychiatrist Frank Ochberg, widely credited with Stockholm Syndrome's psychiatric definition, describes it as 'a primitive gratitude for the gift of life,' not unlike that felt by an infant"

In a world where its not OK to not have an owner, I can understand how it could feel scary to become free of one. And at the same time be desperate for the security an owner could provide. The double whammy for women is that the 'owner' is then mixed with the psychological feelings of a father figure that adds a powerful emotional drive into the mix.

"According to the psychoanalytic view of the syndrome, this tendency might be the result of employing the strategy evolved by newborn babies to form an emotional attachment to the nearest powerful adult in order to maximize the probability that this adult will enable—at the very least—the survival of the child, if not also prove to be a good parental figure."

"An inverse of Stockholm syndrome called "Lima syndrome" has been proposed, in which abductors develop sympathy for their hostages." I wonder if this happens for men in some unconscious way.

Is your relationship a Lima-Stockholm thing ?

What I'm talking about how this is sitting there in the unconscious mind playing out all the time but through the cultural patterns that have been established around making it OK to be that way. Could do with a good clean out I think.

Yin a slave of Yang. There are two ways out for Yin.
1. Be more Yang than Yang and over power. But then your not Yin any more.
2. Be more Yin and let it all flow through.

Which is true and what does it look like ?

Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Time to Die

I have not written for a while as my energies have been focussed around moving the Earthsim project forward. As things there come more and more into line I can raise my head and look around again to see the funny old world I stand in.

As winter closes in and the last few leaves dangle spinning in the wind, its a time to let go and prepare for a shut-down into and through the darkness.

I see metaphor of dangling leaves all around me in the mayastic world. I get excited watching the financial system, such an icon of yang imbalance, now left hobbling along as a bloated puss filled beast eating faster and faster, trying to survive the natural chaos of nature as it tickles and dances around ready to consume the debris of the inevitable.

It's fun to speculate how things will actually transpire. Here is my best guess from a brief look at the scene over the last day or so.

To delay a full systemic collapse I think the euro will become a scapegoat, a focus point if you like, to keep people's eye off the core issue (the dollar) for just that bit longer. It's an easy target and just as Latin America found, you can't have a half/half of pegged currencies + separate countries with their own markets. Its easy picking for speculators to milk that system. It will die with the weakest links being taken to the cleaners first, as Iceland, Greece, Ireland etc are discovering.

Excitingly over the last two years, all the world's major markets have come into synch, all joining the last waltz as the grand finale plays out. They all rise and fall together to the beat of the dollar's rhythm, as it goes down, they do too.

We have had paper or 'fiat' money systems many times on this planet, the experiment is tried, tested and super clear to anyone who would care to look. 'fiat' is a good word for fake money as it always collapses, the average time to collapse is 42 years. The dollar was moved fiat in 71, we have 2 years left to hit that historical midpoint.

Is it a good thing for our financial system to collapse ?

I would rather it did not, but only if there were people who cared to fix it. There are not, nor will there be. You see fiat money systems benefit only two groups of people. 1. Governments and 2. Banks. The employees of each rotate between each other in another sickly dance, there will be no fix except through collapse.

So I am for accelerating the collapse and getting on with the fix. Its a time for things to die.

Earlier this year another key scam in the system was exposed:

"Andrew Maguire & Adrian Douglas Discuss What Could Be the Largest Fraud in History - Andrew is an independent metals trader turned whistle blower at the center of a storm for exposing what could be the largest fraud in history involving countries, banks and government leaders."

The major precious metals markets are rigged (as are many other supposedly free markets) the prices of gold and silver are artificially kept down.

Why is this relevant ?

This is a way of keeping the fiat system alive.. it's actually the secret to how this fiat zombie has kept walking so long. why? If you can keep precious metals prices down, fiat money will live on for just that bit longer. The zombie is now eating countries through bogus 'austerity measures'.

The story is now getting out and what's even better is that there is a way to hit the system to help it collapse quicker, the zombie needs to go down before it eats you.

"Eric Cantona has taken it upon himself to promote a revolution against the banking oligarchy calling for everyone to take their money out of the banks"

Well the famous philosopher is half onto something.. Sure get your money out of banks but you need to do better than stash it under your mattress as monopoly notes, that may hurt a bank but it does you no good at all.

Buy silver and gold now and move your money into something physical and real.

Get Physical !

Here is the best thing I have come across yet..

"Buy Silver and Help Crash JP Morgan" is the google bomb search term if you want to investigate.

It is well explained here:

Watch this space 2011 is going to be a very exciting year !


Note on Fiat Money.

Fiat or paper money is a way of stealing physical assets from society. Its a simple scam..

1. Get everyone to use paper money, ie get them to value and trade their 'physical assets' with this monopoly money.

2. Keep printing more monopoly money and lending it to people fulling the 'boom bust' cycle we all know and love.. (you hear this regularly on the news.. every 'bail out' is one of these.. ie the fed or bank of england 'injects' cash into the system.. they just made up more monopoly dollars) Constantly printing more money progressively makes everything that is actually valued in those notes less and less valuable or the prices have to keep inflating (you end-up with a half/half of each).

3. On every 'bust' of the cycle the banks take more possession of the physical assets as companies and mortgage payers are unable to repay the loans (which were of fake money 'created' money anyways).

4. Keep the cycle going as long as you can to regularly 'milk' the assets away from the people for as long as you can until the fiat system inevitably collapses.

Everyone in power (banks+govt) wants to keep this great system going for as long as possible, it pays great. The problem for them is how to delay the inevitable collapse.

As more and more money is printed, value drops, this is best seen in the prices of precious metals like gold and silver. The prices start rising as the paper money gets worth less and less. People with their ear to the ground start moving their savings to these 'fixed tangibles'

So a good way of delaying fiat collapse is to keep metals prices down. This has been discovered to be happening all over the place. One example is how people have been sold gold and silver (as contracts) but the don't have the physical stuff.. It is stored in bank vaults. When journalists go to the bank vaults they find it has been sold up to 100 times to 1. When everyone demands the real physical stuff it will blow up.

Friday, August 27, 2010

'science' of how the sun talks to us

Going to be brief on this one.. You can put the pieces together.

Part 1

If you dont know about the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, I think you should

The Noosphere Project

In summary its all about how global events are linked to random numbers. The 'significant' discovery is that when a major event happens, there are fluctuations in randomness that can be measured in random number generators spread around the world. Events can sometimes even be foreshadowed by these fluctuations. This implies there is some sort of field of consciousness that influences us and events. And that the perturbations in that consciousness are measurable in the flow of randomness away from a true statistical mean.

OK you got that.

Part 2

The Strange Case of Solar Flares and Radioactive Elements

So now we find out that solar activity can affect the decay of radioactive elements. Nice.. Why, well because originally it was this decay that was used to measure true randomness for experiments like the noosphere project above (its not any more because they have found better random number generators).

So we have shown that the random numbers that affected global events are affected by solar activity. So the sun talks to us.

If it can be shown that all random number generators exhibit this effect then you are really on for a brain strain as you have the complete 'scientific' link right there.

So the sun communicates to the consciousness field of the earth. One of the ways we notice it expressing itself is through solar activity such as sunspots..

Now maybe you don't need that stodgy old science to catch-up with what you could feel already.

If you were interested in listening to what the sun was saying.. check out my other post on what it feels like. Now, would you say a brick didn't exist if you saw it land on your foot.

Can I feel what the sun says

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Surfing the deep waves

I have started playing the piano again after quite a break.. I feel the emotions surge through me these days, stronger than ever, i have so much less shame in me about letting its all hang out so my playing just keeps opening up as I do, its great to let it all out through music and movement.


Its a land of extremes as I go deeper and deeper into my inner world.

I have to accept and enjoy my killer to enjoy my saint. It a paradox as everything is in there, sadness, joy, anger, hate, love, fear, attractions, repulsions, contractions and expansions. I have been surfing the deep waves and I like it there. You are here too.

Freedom and opening comes when I'm not judging but allowing myself to be whatever is there in the deep water, it wants to move in me. Sometimes that has felt pretty unpleasant. The hardest places to allow for me are the destructive forces there. Allowing myself to be seen as destructive and really feel that as a part of me is scary.

Uncompromising me means being with whatever is there and allow its impact on the world. No holding it in and no editing, scary and super exhilarational because actually, I have not the faintest clue what's going on or who I am.

So I keep opening, in the depths of me, i touch a raging fire, it wants to move, i feel my wanting to hold and control, a wanting me to be a certain way, an idea of me, it hurts to try to be an idea, so I let it free. It hurts someone else, or does it, i don't really know but i feel even more vulnerable as it moves out into the world.

I feel more life and my body softens, i sense more space inside and the life force in me grows as i release yet an other idea of who I was trying to be

Dropping into a unknowing deeper deep, I unfold to look around again, and I find you there with me. I lose the line between where I end and you start, or are you simply there in me ?


Monday, August 09, 2010

Solar Flares a go go

The Sun is waking up after a nearly 10-year sleep, there has been some major activity recently and the sun seems headed toward another period of pronounced activity, expected for 2013, the last of which occurred in 2001.

"On August 1st around 0855 UT, Earth orbiting satellites detected a C3-class solar flare. The origin of the blast was Earth-facing sunspot 1092. C-class solar flares are small (when compared to X and M-class flares) and usually have few noticeable consequences here on Earth besides aurorae. This one has spawned a coronal mass ejection heading in Earth’s direction."

“This eruption is directed right at us, and is expected to get here early in the day on August 4th,” according to astronomer Leon Golub. “It’s the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time.”

I felt this one hit and some aftershocks. Over the years I have been checking out how they affect me, I was aware of the activity last time around in 2000-2001. This time around I am getting much clearer on how they actually feel as they come in.

This was a biggie, a challenge to stay present right trough it. But also quite a treat to check out, I had to take the time out, take it really easy and stay tuned in. If I don't do that, I find them destabilising on my system, they can really push my field around. Its great to practice with as a sensitivity training.

If I stay locked into the earth's field, that where I find I can feel it. At the simplest level I feel it like a push forward, a shift or an acceleration of vibrational feeling.

I have noticed they take 3-4 days from the eruption to when I feel anything, which about matches the journey time for the solar particles to hit the earth's field, then there is about 1-2 days of wobble and rebalancing as the earth's field settles into a stable state again. The other thing that I notice is how it affects the people around me, that can take up to one more week before they seem affected.

I put this down to people levels of connection to the earth's field, as I normally see it hit people over period as they sort of 'soak up' the field shift. And the most disconnected, don't seem affected at all.

Here's the vid


And on august 7 there was another big one that is just passing us by right now but its a glancer not a direct hitter.

"On August 7th (1825 UT), magnetic fields around sunspot 1093 became unstable and erupted, producing a strong M1-class solar flare. Several amateur astronomers caught the active region in mid-flare, while NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded an extreme ultraviolet movie of the entire event. The eruption hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space, just missing a direct sun-Earth line. Forecasters expect the cloud to deliver no more than a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field when it billows by on August 9th or 10th--not a major space weather event."

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Is it lost to be empty or is it full of it all ?

A limbo state without debate but a perfect slate which can never be late.

I want to hold on but I am lost when I try. I dont know very much really and I certainly dont understand. But I know whatever I want when I let it in.

What a fusser about empty things.

And then I walk outside and see the most perfect complete rainbow I ever saw. It feels very happy to see it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have never felt so open and alive, so vulnerable and so connected, so out of control and so OK. So soft and so sweet. But uncompromising all the same.

Why do I feel uncompromising ? When I feel truly OK, I seem to lose the feeling of any reason to compromise. In any way.

Its OK to be alive as every breath moves my blood from head to toe. My body an instant in the infinity. But it is my home for that fleet moment, I love my home.

I feel available to real choice, to doing anything, that feels good, for everyone involved, without compromise. That is my true body. But without my physical body how could I ever know that.

Changes move as I do. And so do you.

Multidimensional Imaginings

All i know is me. As all I can know is relation to that. Everything else can not be real, it is imaginary. But i know the reality in all imaginings as my relation to those imaginings.

Things change and I exist as the relational experience of change. It happens in me not too me. I change and so do you if you know me. I suspect you do even if you don't.

It seems a good idea to be practising an aware non-resistance to all experience, to smooth the way to expanding my experience of me.

If everything out there is an imagining I can cultivate the belief ‘If its happening now, that's what i needs to be happening or it would not be happening’ fully responsible and victimless.

Response able means to have the ability to validate what's happening now, present in it, if I don't like it, I can consciously change my response to it. (a habitual response is not response able. Stop, Maybe i want a new me.)

I change my universe on a penny when i stop to realise i can. The only thing that defines if i stay in any new universe is me. I validate the reality or invalidate it to choose again. It can be conscious or unconscious. I create my cage the moment I forget this. I need a cage to have the experience of growing out of a cage. Its all OK. The meaning I provide determines the effect in my experience and I step into that new reality.

I cultivate my imagining into a multidimensional expansion of i am. Its all ways me so why not add more to my all. why ? if its fun. So why not pick a fun imagining.

Its a choice in the play to see it my way. If its not my way and i see it as not my way, I have imagined myself a cage again, was that really fun. It can be, if I did it, I will let it be, to be less then more is still a cool door.

My imagination is the superhighway to all information flows to reach my conscious now experience. My portal to all dimensions and all existences, past, future, present and parallel. Multidimensional in nature, my nature, sensitive to non-ordinary and ordinary realities intertwined and experienced as me now. The more I allow this, the more I find my deeper expanded identity.

I move beyond conventional boundaries of experience and I move back again.

Its a cloudy day in London, I feel open and endless.

Be master of yourself-everywhere. And all you do proves true.
Zen saying

Saturday, July 03, 2010

carry bag

Amazing how much stuff coming up and letting go. Put up a fight to hold on.

I stopped feeding and carrying a load of people over the last six months. Its taken the lid of a whole bunch of stuff. All bubbling up now, but I clearly see why I was doing it all as it moves on. Unworth and victim vamp, anger about it and a load of shame to hold it all in. Is it really me.

Nice to finally be letting go of that story. Its quite an identity. Without it I even more get to do what I want. But what is that ? scarily I have to do it moment to moment. Feel my way, cant plan much any-more as its too mental. Even more feeling. Its like there are no ends or edges in this place.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Advaita Space Cadets

There is some great stuff in this Advita game but nearly all who is see playing it have a level of BS they are hiding in. Its used as a way of staying small and meek, which i find boring. I call them Advaita Space Cadets.

Here is one great example

There is No "Authority" For This: Charles Hayes

I love him and where he is coming from but he spaces out at about 4 mins in, really he plays a typical avoidance game. Avoiding his passion by disowning his selfhood. He is obviously passionate and calls it 'just what is happening', sure, its is 'whats happening' duh; but, dropping ownership and authorship is not sexy and not powerful. Its a great way of being a doormat and learning how to stay as one. Is that really a good thing.. well i guess it is if that what you want to be.

Yes all is empty and I is pure emptiness.. but I is.. and 'I' have excited intent, denial of which is just denial of myself. This self denial is not true emptiness, its simply a non acceptance of who we are. Don't buy the bullshit, its shame of self empowerment. You are empty, but the more of you you are the more you have all the power to move and express whatever is true without having to tone it down for anyone in words or any other games.

Here is another great example with Wayne Liquorman on power

Happiness in abdication is the message and sure you can be free in that. But I don't believe a word of it. If it is your truth to be totally abdicated, then i would say yes I believe you. But I certainly have more passion and excitement for life than that.

So for me these Advaita guys are lost and playing it very safe, they draw meaning in no meaning of self. Meaning in no meaning is the egoic trap of the Advaita word game. But to pretend no identity is an attachment none the less. Avoidance of anything is in fact the opposite of being unattached to it.

The notable exception for me is mooji, he seems present, humorously articulate and very alive in the moment. check out 'No Special Effects Needed'

At the end of the day the modern Advaita point simply becomes an attention seeking, having denied themselves, the 'teachers' have to keep talking about it to get the self validation from others.

OK they have discovered some basic facts about consciousness and experience, but to me the modern Advaita presentation is an escape, a complaint, and simple self denial, a 'spacing out' of life. I don't see fulfilment in that, its a stage and a valid place of experience, sure.

I am grateful for the offering as its a reflection of who I don't want to be. And I am glad there is so much more.


I am making a list of the advaita 'space cadets' below as i find them.

Life as it "IS", Jeff Foster

Here Jeff is on about the failure of seeking. In this talk he does not do so much of the typical adviata abdication speak but goes on with another common advaita theme around 'seeking'. He seems like a nice chap but to me is simply talking about being an adult and accepting life for what it is. If dad had told him 'your ok son' maybe he would not have had to be doing all this seeking in the first place. What is a bit sad is that he calls is a 'failure' to seek. Well if you 'grew up' after the journey of looking, what's so bad about that ? He has a good space out at 7:15 talking about the 'threat of hopelessness' i recon he could have actually gone into something interesting about his own personal fears there but, he stays out of being present and keeps in his story.

Introduction to The Teaching Part 1 - Wayne Liquorman

Around 2:12 Wayne says 'Consciousness is not an object and the only thing we can possibly know is something.' Again abdication of responsibility. Consciousness, sure is not an object, but can and does experience in the world we live in. The experience is real even if the object is not. And this real experience of the object can and is known even though is not an object. So he is talking nonsense again. He then goes on to make it all about the mystical and at at 3:25 after talking about mystical union he seems to enter a delusional state and spaces out before he jumps back and says 'so this is what we are about'

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I see the collusion of this illusion, its funny to watch it endure. Still you and i try while we see the lie, its time's not so long now I'm sure. So try not to faint when i knock at your gate with a date to the sparkling core. Its really too late, you can only stagnate, while I dance at your grave wanting more.


Its been quite a discovery for me and it feels like a liberating revelation as it sinks through my being.

I recently spent a week in Spain doing group work with 23 amazing people. It was a great place to clearly see how we were all colluding to keep ourselves small and in roles.

I realised how lonely I had been not meeting people in their true selves. I reaffirmed it was time for me at least to come out and start doing everything I could to meet people in more real ways.

One of the main things I saw that people were afraid of in each other was what I call raw animal nature. Things like rage, anger, wanting to kill and raw sexual desire, these are all ever present with us but we seem to do everything we can to keep them hidden away.

I'm sad about that because this keeps our energy down and I think is one of the main causes of disease and depression. The more of this that becomes accepted integrated in a person the more strength and vitality they have.

I want to bring that more and more into my life. One of the best ways is to hang out with people that are not afraid of you when you show up in this way.

As this experience sinks in my whole body has been continuing to change inside. Its a process that started around six months ago and has been accelerating. The closest thing I have come across that describes this is what I have read about in kundalini texts. In daoisim I think it would be described as your core channels opening.

Its scary and exhilarating all at the same time. I am glad to have many years of chi gung under my belt, i can feel how much it has prepared my body, helping to smooth out and integrate the whole experience.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Conciousness + Credit + Iceland + Greece

So the Greeks are capitulating and taking the loan, accepting debt slavery for the time being. Seems old Mount Olympus has been dormant too long. Iceland who crashed earlier look like they are heading toward some fundamental change. Their internal report on the situation does not look like a white wash and they are talking about making Iceland a safe haven for journalists so this can be exposed in the rest of the world.

I love the apparent metaphor of the the volcano in Iceland. Recently the unanimous vote to say no to more debt, Iceland starts to break out of debt slavery for real, days after the vote the volcano goes off.

The first local nation state is breaking free of the debt slavery system, maybe the gods are speaking. Its seismic and there is more to come.

Its all about consciousness of responsibility.. credit when used (given or received) in this way is not responsible.. in any human relationship.


If i were purely physical matter how could i be self aware.. i see and i know i see. Apparently, this is my consciousness. This is Reflexive apparency as the knowing of the seeing makes it obvious that what you are seeing is not all that is, reflexive and apparent :)

Reflexive apparency of pseudo transparency, forgetting then letting the world be its fantasy. Reflexive apparency is a holographic panace, answers in everything, a fractal veracity. Reflexive apparency a maddening mediocrity, the moon and me spinning meaninglessly. Reflexive apparency is choosing endlessly, free to be all eventuality

Monday, April 12, 2010


I've started a new blog where I am talking about how we make Earthsim.. Its like 'the making of' geekout for me.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is a plantation and you are a slave

Right now many of you are still sleepy slaves to a system that you support

Ever increasing debt is what we get from our present financial system. Based on fractional reserve interest it can _only_ generate increasing debt. This article covers that nicely.

A Monetary System for the New Millennium


Globally the issue of all currency is controlled by private banks, hence they have the final word on the issue of sovereignty.

If you think national governments are in any way independent and not beholden to this system you still snoring soundly asleep.

Through the ever increasing debt system (channelled by the IMF etc) our governments are brought into line with banking cartel strategy. Two party politics is a cover to help this process along while your cash is stolen from under you (eg stealing is done via currency devaluation, so you pound or dollar buys less, it looks like prices rising but your 'stuff' is being taken from you in this process)

Things are now looking pretty ropey as the 2008 financial collapse and the following 'bail out' accelerated the issue to a point approaching one of no return. On top of this, carbon trading schemes being imposed are installing a new commodity market based on carbon that will put in place an even bigger banking scheme that can totally lock everything down.

Conspiracy theorists would say this is a planned global takeover of your rights as a human (and yes the US and with its troublesome constitution has to be got out of the equation for this plan to go through).

I would say we have all been slaves to the cartel for the last few thousand years, so there is nothing new here. Fronted by the pope or by obama, someone is always at the figurehead of divine right. Well actually someone has to play daddy, its just how we work with a daddy complex, everyone who is half asleep can listen to daddy and its all good, go to work. There was just this temporary idea of democracy that widened the net of people who could have more power somewhat for like 150 years or so but that's a blip. We have all been sleeping right the way through, and people took what was left on the table right the way through.

Here is a fairly interesting summary i found.

The thing new and exciting is that we are at a 'phase transition' in our conciousness, and this is forced by how critical things are beginning to look, especially with financial systems. What, you think people may actually wake up if nearly everything they have is being taken from them. Yes i do.

So its very cool that Greece is up on the list with the next chance to wake up, and the Japanese may have a chance not far behind.

The banking gun is now pointing the Greeks right in the head, they are being held to ransom as control of their ports and national utilities may have to be given up to securtize their debt position. Greece has the opportunity to say no to its government which is about to give everything away to the IMF. This could be a defining moment, will they just give it all over and take it or will we see shift. If we see shift what is the next escalting move for the banks?

Time to take your sovereignty back and wake up, think about the world you live in a decide what that means to you, independently of what anyone else says.

This is such an amazing time of opportunity for us all.

Check the following:

Iceland is ahead of the game.. Their people have aleady said no to debt repayment. Now what ?

Iceland Debt Small Part of Global Debt Crisis

But here is the cool thing:

Momentum Grows for Debt Repudiation http://www.zerohedge.com/article/momentum-growing-debt-repudiation


"As powerful as Wall Street banks may seem, they are also exquisitely vulnerable. Right now virtually all of them are dependent upon the government keeping accounting standards lax enough for all of them to claim to be functional businesses. It is generally accepted that if the major banks on Wall Street were forced to mark all of their assets to market tomorrow, they would all be either insolvent or close to it."

"Thus their “healthy” financial status is already illusory. So imagine what would happen if large numbers of those dubious loans on their balance sheets that they have marked down as “performing” were suddenly pushed ahead of time into the default column. What if Greece, and the Pennsylvania school system, and Jefferson County, Alabama, and the countless other municipalities and states that are wrapped up in these corrupt deals just decided to declare their debts illegitimate and back out?"

Saturday, March 27, 2010


"The idea of the placebo in modern times originated with H. K. Beecher. He evaluated 15 clinical trials concerned with different diseases and found that 35% of 1,082 patients were satisfactorily relieved by a placebo alone ("The Powerful Placebo," 1955). Other studies have since calculated the placebo effect as being even greater than Beecher claimed. For example, studies have shown that placebos are effective in 50 or 60 percent of subjects with certain conditions, e.g., "pain, depression, some heart ailments, gastric ulcers and other stomach complaints."* And, as effective as the new psychotropic drugs seem to be in the treatment of various brain disorders, some researchers maintain that there is not adequate evidence from studies to prove that the new drugs are more effective than placebos."

"Forty years ago, a young Seattle cardiologist named Leonard Cobb conducted a unique trial of a procedure then commonly used for angina, in which doctors made small incisions in the chest and tied knots in two arteries to try to increase blood flow to the heart. It was a popular technique—90 percent of patients reported that it helped—but when Cobb compared it with placebo surgery in which he made incisions but did not tie off the arteries, the sham operations proved just as successful. The procedure, known as internal mammary ligation, was soon abandoned ("The Placebo Prescription" by Margaret Talbot, New York Times Magazine, January 9, 2000).* "

The book 'From Placebo to Panacea: Putting Psychiatric Drugs to the Test'

From The New England Journal of Medicine:
This book, written entirely by academic psychologists, is a dose of strong medicine. A critical review of the psychoactive-drug literature, it asserts essentially that there is inadequate scientific information to conclude that psychoactive drugs are substantially more effective than placebos. The editors remind us that the interpretation of any research data is likely to reflect the researcher's bias: in this case, a bias toward biologic treatment, the pharmaceutical industry's financial motives, or both. They say, "We feel it is important to balance this bias by adopting a counterattitude based on a determined skepticism." Their intellectual, scholarly review is difficult to dismiss; yet the reader may feel their conclusions are immoderate.

Placebo illuminates our struggle between responsibility and abdiaction. The notion of a placebo demonstrates (if you are prepared to drop your denial) that you are responsible for your own body, the health of it.

If taking various placebo drugs can cure specific ailments that you know about. You are literally curing specific issues because you 'believe' they have a chance of being cured as you take the placebo.

To me most healthcare is a nonesense.. and so is most alternative healthcare.. and this should be obvious to anyone once you look at the efficacy of the placebo. It is probably the most powerful drug known.

If all hospitals only prescribed placebos you could arguably beat the current cure rate and make all hospitals more effective.

* One of the top five killers in a hospital is 'medical error' this would be removed as they would no longer be prescribing poison to people, just placebos. More people would get well in hospital from this fact alone.

* As placebos are at often as effective as drugs you get free drugs and free curues.

There would be an issue though. People would have to look at why they were getting sick once they realised there is no cure other than belief. If you can make yourself well its a small step to realising you made yourself ill.

Luckily people seem to be catching on ! check these out

Thursday, January 07, 2010

not alot going on in us then

My air is your air, my water is your water, my particles are your particles and the physical me is the physical you separate only by make believe grandfather time in the ever-inflating bubble of the speed of light. Experienced as forms of the formless, we dance the holographic happening of myriad-mirrored perspective, ...me with you in me and you with me in you. Constant, timeless and still