Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Time to Die

I have not written for a while as my energies have been focussed around moving the Earthsim project forward. As things there come more and more into line I can raise my head and look around again to see the funny old world I stand in.

As winter closes in and the last few leaves dangle spinning in the wind, its a time to let go and prepare for a shut-down into and through the darkness.

I see metaphor of dangling leaves all around me in the mayastic world. I get excited watching the financial system, such an icon of yang imbalance, now left hobbling along as a bloated puss filled beast eating faster and faster, trying to survive the natural chaos of nature as it tickles and dances around ready to consume the debris of the inevitable.

It's fun to speculate how things will actually transpire. Here is my best guess from a brief look at the scene over the last day or so.

To delay a full systemic collapse I think the euro will become a scapegoat, a focus point if you like, to keep people's eye off the core issue (the dollar) for just that bit longer. It's an easy target and just as Latin America found, you can't have a half/half of pegged currencies + separate countries with their own markets. Its easy picking for speculators to milk that system. It will die with the weakest links being taken to the cleaners first, as Iceland, Greece, Ireland etc are discovering.

Excitingly over the last two years, all the world's major markets have come into synch, all joining the last waltz as the grand finale plays out. They all rise and fall together to the beat of the dollar's rhythm, as it goes down, they do too.

We have had paper or 'fiat' money systems many times on this planet, the experiment is tried, tested and super clear to anyone who would care to look. 'fiat' is a good word for fake money as it always collapses, the average time to collapse is 42 years. The dollar was moved fiat in 71, we have 2 years left to hit that historical midpoint.

Is it a good thing for our financial system to collapse ?

I would rather it did not, but only if there were people who cared to fix it. There are not, nor will there be. You see fiat money systems benefit only two groups of people. 1. Governments and 2. Banks. The employees of each rotate between each other in another sickly dance, there will be no fix except through collapse.

So I am for accelerating the collapse and getting on with the fix. Its a time for things to die.

Earlier this year another key scam in the system was exposed:

"Andrew Maguire & Adrian Douglas Discuss What Could Be the Largest Fraud in History - Andrew is an independent metals trader turned whistle blower at the center of a storm for exposing what could be the largest fraud in history involving countries, banks and government leaders."

The major precious metals markets are rigged (as are many other supposedly free markets) the prices of gold and silver are artificially kept down.

Why is this relevant ?

This is a way of keeping the fiat system alive.. it's actually the secret to how this fiat zombie has kept walking so long. why? If you can keep precious metals prices down, fiat money will live on for just that bit longer. The zombie is now eating countries through bogus 'austerity measures'.

The story is now getting out and what's even better is that there is a way to hit the system to help it collapse quicker, the zombie needs to go down before it eats you.

"Eric Cantona has taken it upon himself to promote a revolution against the banking oligarchy calling for everyone to take their money out of the banks"

Well the famous philosopher is half onto something.. Sure get your money out of banks but you need to do better than stash it under your mattress as monopoly notes, that may hurt a bank but it does you no good at all.

Buy silver and gold now and move your money into something physical and real.

Get Physical !

Here is the best thing I have come across yet..

"Buy Silver and Help Crash JP Morgan" is the google bomb search term if you want to investigate.

It is well explained here:

Watch this space 2011 is going to be a very exciting year !


Note on Fiat Money.

Fiat or paper money is a way of stealing physical assets from society. Its a simple scam..

1. Get everyone to use paper money, ie get them to value and trade their 'physical assets' with this monopoly money.

2. Keep printing more monopoly money and lending it to people fulling the 'boom bust' cycle we all know and love.. (you hear this regularly on the news.. every 'bail out' is one of these.. ie the fed or bank of england 'injects' cash into the system.. they just made up more monopoly dollars) Constantly printing more money progressively makes everything that is actually valued in those notes less and less valuable or the prices have to keep inflating (you end-up with a half/half of each).

3. On every 'bust' of the cycle the banks take more possession of the physical assets as companies and mortgage payers are unable to repay the loans (which were of fake money 'created' money anyways).

4. Keep the cycle going as long as you can to regularly 'milk' the assets away from the people for as long as you can until the fiat system inevitably collapses.

Everyone in power (banks+govt) wants to keep this great system going for as long as possible, it pays great. The problem for them is how to delay the inevitable collapse.

As more and more money is printed, value drops, this is best seen in the prices of precious metals like gold and silver. The prices start rising as the paper money gets worth less and less. People with their ear to the ground start moving their savings to these 'fixed tangibles'

So a good way of delaying fiat collapse is to keep metals prices down. This has been discovered to be happening all over the place. One example is how people have been sold gold and silver (as contracts) but the don't have the physical stuff.. It is stored in bank vaults. When journalists go to the bank vaults they find it has been sold up to 100 times to 1. When everyone demands the real physical stuff it will blow up.

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