Saturday, December 27, 2008

pomp and circumstance

This made me smile

Someone once told me that magic was all about keeping the viewers eye off the real action by distracting them with something fancy..

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Protectionist dominoes are beginning to tumble across the world

Police break up Russian protests

On Earth we express ourselves as a planet through our financial system.. This is the most global system we have created to date.. So this system is a great place to look at where the planets consciousness is at.

Currently the system is based on false ideas.. Ideas that are not grounded in reality.. Whenever this happens in a system the system cant have integrity and is going to fail at some point.

Here are some of the false ideas:

perma-boom 'growth'
We have it encoded in our system that we must keep growing.. without a constant boom its 'bad'. This is like a cancer that is out of control. This is supposed to be good thing. There is no logic in it.

We must have 'stuff'
So once fixated after perma-boom we then have to belive in must have stuff.. We have to sign up to that religion and believe it will make us happy.. luckily i think that is beginning to change see Why Consumerism Wins

Free trade is good
This is a big lie.. We dont have free trade and we never did.. we lie about it all the time.. the more powerful countries control trade the way they want it and call it free.. its a lie. There are layers and layers of lies in the free trade game and they will take some unpicking.

Our economy will work when we change away from these 'ideas' and reflect a reality based view into the economic system.

When we go for what is 'useful' not arbitrary ideas of growth. This opens up a whole new debate, instead of an arbitrary 'idea' of what is useful, we get on and actually look into it.. There is a real role for politics here.. but not as they are today.

Then we need truly free exchange of what is useful, not one sided systems we call free.

Finally, what is useful is has to be what helps us live a life, not what helps us to run away from the life we are living.. that is exciting.

Its a great thing we are in the midst of, our economy is facing becoming more unified, less controllable, more practical and useful through this 'collapse'.

I dont believe anyone when they say this is bad.. Just tell them to wake up and think about it.

Its a wildfire burning through, but its one that is going to take away the crap and leave what we actually need. Its about time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Free Will

Free will and control..

We like to think we are in control.. in one sense we are and in another we just are not.

If we think we are our mind.. of course the mind believes it is in control.
If we think we are out body.. we are a victim of it all
If we think we are neither.. we could find out we are neither.. that would blow your mind out and leave a body on a string, floating in some big thing :)

John Sherman.. you cant proove you have free will.. so stop bothering for just and bit and have a look who you are instead..