Sunday, September 30, 2007

Conversion and the devil inside

Conversion.. Why

This is the basic religion system function, it contains how and why any religion, politics or doctrine functions to promote energy or cash to the top of the system.

Why would any religious group need to convert people to its religion..

1. The financial reason. At the top.. the boss wants more energy/money..

2. The security reason.. For the congregation.. they are insecure.. they are afraid of life, to top it all their intuition knows the religion they follow is on the wrong track but.. oh i don't want to change my habit.. the congregation will want others to join to validate them in their habit and addictions. Its a human thing..

Opiates for the masses..

This all works very nicely for the boss

If you were secure in yourself you would not care what others thought about flying pigs or levitating lamas..

Insecurity is what the boss wants.. its how he stays the boss.. he is not required without it.. who needs to pay protection money when you dont need protection.. its why there is a devil, its why there is a bin laden and its even why governments are happy to keep drugs illegal

If someone is trying to sell you on them or their way, by telling you its dark out there without them, they are selling you the oldest con in the earths story book.

And its a drug.. you take a drug to avoid something that don't feel good. You go to a religion or doctrine for the same reason.. it helps you avoid the 'bad'.. its addictive. Remember, you take a drug to avoid something that don't feel good.. if you want to get to the root of all addiction this is it.. addiction is avoidance of something you don't yet know or 'think' you are OK with.

If you can start to look at, and allow your consciousness to experience and know your 'bad' or shadow.. you can start to drop your addiction.. and you will become free.. of doctrines.. and drugs.

So checkout the devil in you and learn to be OK with it.. Check out Bin laden too, you may be surprised who he works for.

Remember the PR focus for the boss will be the bad guy he needs to protect you from.

Stop the madness and look at the devil inside..

Saturday, September 29, 2007


There's juce in this moose.. let it loose in yer
hoose.. no NO ! lifes not a noose.. its a moose for yer

Once you get chick peas i tel about the moose.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What is going to happen to cars

As oil value continues to rise cars are going to change.

We can quite rapidly know what they will they be like by making some obvious extrapolations.

Everything below is already in the works by one of the major manufacturers but none yet plan to put all the innovations together into one vehicle. This is only a matter of time and pressure from oil price.

* Most of the fuel in a car is used to move the car not the person in it. The biggest fuel savings come from making cars smaller and lighter. We will see smaller cars made of new lighter composite materials.

* Hybrid cars save fuel.. Cars will go hybrid

* Diesel is more efficient than petrol.. We will have diesel hybrids

* Hybrids need batteries and batteries are heavy. Batteries will be replaced by capacitors which come in at about one third of the weight. I expect the electricity storage unit will itself become a battery/capacitor hybrid.

So the future car is a small lightweight diesel hybrid with a capacitance unit for electricity storage. Future cars should spec in between 100 and 200 mpg depending on the models people go for.

I also expect there will also be a new class of vehicle, the human hybrid. A human hybrid is a human powered vehicle with an energy assist. We see these appearing today with bikes, scooters and skateboards that have small motors that the driver can engage.

..and we will have far far fewer of them on the roads.

a) Because its very energy intensive to make one hence expensive to buy. People should start sharing them.
b) Public transport will have got good. It has to.
c) Get a bike. It works.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Oil Peak

It does seem like the planet has passed the Oil Peak.

I can say this from looking at good info on the worlds largest oil fields. The amount of oil coming out of them now all seems to be in decline.

There are four oil fields in the world which produce over one million barrels per day. Ghawar, which produces 4.5 million barrels per day, Cantarell in Mexico, which produces nearly 2 million barrels per day, Burgan in Kuwait which produces 1.7 million barrels per day and Da Qing in China which produces 1 million barrels per day.

Just google about any of these to see they are:

A) Producing less and less oil daily.
B) The speed they are producing less and less oil is rapid (steep decline)

No oil fields of this scale have been discovered and even if one were, it would take years to get it producing oil.

So what does this mean.

The amount of oil the world has available to burn each day, is now decreasing.

It is interesting to note that every single projection on the economy has the amount of oil we are using growing rapidly.

In short everyone is talking nonsense to you. And our economic system is a nonsense. Go and check out the facts yourself. This is the biggest issue we face and we can deal with it. The sooner we face upto its reality the easier it will be.

Global warming is not the issue, the decline of oil will help reduce greenhouse gas faster than any political framework we can put in place.

The value of oil will keep going up.

Because of this the following things I can guarantee will happen are

1. Remote working will become the norm

2. Local produce will become the norm, its going to be mad to keep shipping stuff across the planet.

3. Organic farming will become the norm (intensive farming is oil intensive and wont be able to compete on price)

4. Canals and Railways will be reopened and new ones built. (they are the most energy economic forms of transport)

All good stuff