Monday, September 10, 2007

What is going to happen to cars

As oil value continues to rise cars are going to change.

We can quite rapidly know what they will they be like by making some obvious extrapolations.

Everything below is already in the works by one of the major manufacturers but none yet plan to put all the innovations together into one vehicle. This is only a matter of time and pressure from oil price.

* Most of the fuel in a car is used to move the car not the person in it. The biggest fuel savings come from making cars smaller and lighter. We will see smaller cars made of new lighter composite materials.

* Hybrid cars save fuel.. Cars will go hybrid

* Diesel is more efficient than petrol.. We will have diesel hybrids

* Hybrids need batteries and batteries are heavy. Batteries will be replaced by capacitors which come in at about one third of the weight. I expect the electricity storage unit will itself become a battery/capacitor hybrid.

So the future car is a small lightweight diesel hybrid with a capacitance unit for electricity storage. Future cars should spec in between 100 and 200 mpg depending on the models people go for.

I also expect there will also be a new class of vehicle, the human hybrid. A human hybrid is a human powered vehicle with an energy assist. We see these appearing today with bikes, scooters and skateboards that have small motors that the driver can engage.

..and we will have far far fewer of them on the roads.

a) Because its very energy intensive to make one hence expensive to buy. People should start sharing them.
b) Public transport will have got good. It has to.
c) Get a bike. It works.


Hudster said...

Well thank fuck for that. But come on Serv, it's not going far enough; the sooner these evil ego-transportation devices are wiped from the face of the planet, the better. If I had my way, all cars would be banned tomorrow. I'd love to see the materialist zombies reeling in agony as they are ripped from their precious womb-weapons. Peace Out Dude! x

servan said...

However much you are against them, i dont think cars are going away forever. I also think they will stay iconic. But there will be changes even in the medium term. I will post more detail on this in the coming months.