Friday, April 16, 2010

Conciousness + Credit + Iceland + Greece

So the Greeks are capitulating and taking the loan, accepting debt slavery for the time being. Seems old Mount Olympus has been dormant too long. Iceland who crashed earlier look like they are heading toward some fundamental change. Their internal report on the situation does not look like a white wash and they are talking about making Iceland a safe haven for journalists so this can be exposed in the rest of the world.

I love the apparent metaphor of the the volcano in Iceland. Recently the unanimous vote to say no to more debt, Iceland starts to break out of debt slavery for real, days after the vote the volcano goes off.

The first local nation state is breaking free of the debt slavery system, maybe the gods are speaking. Its seismic and there is more to come.

Its all about consciousness of responsibility.. credit when used (given or received) in this way is not responsible.. in any human relationship.


If i were purely physical matter how could i be self aware.. i see and i know i see. Apparently, this is my consciousness. This is Reflexive apparency as the knowing of the seeing makes it obvious that what you are seeing is not all that is, reflexive and apparent :)

Reflexive apparency of pseudo transparency, forgetting then letting the world be its fantasy. Reflexive apparency is a holographic panace, answers in everything, a fractal veracity. Reflexive apparency a maddening mediocrity, the moon and me spinning meaninglessly. Reflexive apparency is choosing endlessly, free to be all eventuality

Monday, April 12, 2010


I've started a new blog where I am talking about how we make Earthsim.. Its like 'the making of' geekout for me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is a plantation and you are a slave

Right now many of you are still sleepy slaves to a system that you support

Ever increasing debt is what we get from our present financial system. Based on fractional reserve interest it can _only_ generate increasing debt. This article covers that nicely.

A Monetary System for the New Millennium

Globally the issue of all currency is controlled by private banks, hence they have the final word on the issue of sovereignty.

If you think national governments are in any way independent and not beholden to this system you still snoring soundly asleep.

Through the ever increasing debt system (channelled by the IMF etc) our governments are brought into line with banking cartel strategy. Two party politics is a cover to help this process along while your cash is stolen from under you (eg stealing is done via currency devaluation, so you pound or dollar buys less, it looks like prices rising but your 'stuff' is being taken from you in this process)

Things are now looking pretty ropey as the 2008 financial collapse and the following 'bail out' accelerated the issue to a point approaching one of no return. On top of this, carbon trading schemes being imposed are installing a new commodity market based on carbon that will put in place an even bigger banking scheme that can totally lock everything down.

Conspiracy theorists would say this is a planned global takeover of your rights as a human (and yes the US and with its troublesome constitution has to be got out of the equation for this plan to go through).

I would say we have all been slaves to the cartel for the last few thousand years, so there is nothing new here. Fronted by the pope or by obama, someone is always at the figurehead of divine right. Well actually someone has to play daddy, its just how we work with a daddy complex, everyone who is half asleep can listen to daddy and its all good, go to work. There was just this temporary idea of democracy that widened the net of people who could have more power somewhat for like 150 years or so but that's a blip. We have all been sleeping right the way through, and people took what was left on the table right the way through.

Here is a fairly interesting summary i found.

The thing new and exciting is that we are at a 'phase transition' in our conciousness, and this is forced by how critical things are beginning to look, especially with financial systems. What, you think people may actually wake up if nearly everything they have is being taken from them. Yes i do.

So its very cool that Greece is up on the list with the next chance to wake up, and the Japanese may have a chance not far behind.

The banking gun is now pointing the Greeks right in the head, they are being held to ransom as control of their ports and national utilities may have to be given up to securtize their debt position. Greece has the opportunity to say no to its government which is about to give everything away to the IMF. This could be a defining moment, will they just give it all over and take it or will we see shift. If we see shift what is the next escalting move for the banks?

Time to take your sovereignty back and wake up, think about the world you live in a decide what that means to you, independently of what anyone else says.

This is such an amazing time of opportunity for us all.

Check the following:

Iceland is ahead of the game.. Their people have aleady said no to debt repayment. Now what ?

Iceland Debt Small Part of Global Debt Crisis

But here is the cool thing:

Momentum Grows for Debt Repudiation


"As powerful as Wall Street banks may seem, they are also exquisitely vulnerable. Right now virtually all of them are dependent upon the government keeping accounting standards lax enough for all of them to claim to be functional businesses. It is generally accepted that if the major banks on Wall Street were forced to mark all of their assets to market tomorrow, they would all be either insolvent or close to it."

"Thus their “healthy” financial status is already illusory. So imagine what would happen if large numbers of those dubious loans on their balance sheets that they have marked down as “performing” were suddenly pushed ahead of time into the default column. What if Greece, and the Pennsylvania school system, and Jefferson County, Alabama, and the countless other municipalities and states that are wrapped up in these corrupt deals just decided to declare their debts illegitimate and back out?"