Friday, April 16, 2010

Conciousness + Credit + Iceland + Greece

So the Greeks are capitulating and taking the loan, accepting debt slavery for the time being. Seems old Mount Olympus has been dormant too long. Iceland who crashed earlier look like they are heading toward some fundamental change. Their internal report on the situation does not look like a white wash and they are talking about making Iceland a safe haven for journalists so this can be exposed in the rest of the world.

I love the apparent metaphor of the the volcano in Iceland. Recently the unanimous vote to say no to more debt, Iceland starts to break out of debt slavery for real, days after the vote the volcano goes off.

The first local nation state is breaking free of the debt slavery system, maybe the gods are speaking. Its seismic and there is more to come.

Its all about consciousness of responsibility.. credit when used (given or received) in this way is not responsible.. in any human relationship.


If i were purely physical matter how could i be self aware.. i see and i know i see. Apparently, this is my consciousness. This is Reflexive apparency as the knowing of the seeing makes it obvious that what you are seeing is not all that is, reflexive and apparent :)

Reflexive apparency of pseudo transparency, forgetting then letting the world be its fantasy. Reflexive apparency is a holographic panace, answers in everything, a fractal veracity. Reflexive apparency a maddening mediocrity, the moon and me spinning meaninglessly. Reflexive apparency is choosing endlessly, free to be all eventuality

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