Sunday, February 08, 2009


We are making it all up.. its a funny old dream of a tangerine.. even the mad people are making it all up and they are not that different to you and me.. its only that they dont agree..

When we have made up our life's meanings and someone does not agree with what we have made up we often have a problem..

If a person does not agree with our fantasy we make them the mad one. If lots of people dont agree with our fantasy we have to go to war with them.

But fantasy is fantasy, a tangerine, lots of segments

War is the product of different make-believe.. the clash of storytime, no shared story about things.

Religions or belief systems are at cause of war. Each religion has its set of stories about things, thier 'beliefs'

I think its a good idea to get these two things

* Most of us all have lots of stories that are made up.. our beliefs, belief systems or our bs.. Often these are just handed to us as kids and we just run with them without ever thinking about it.

* Most of us really like our stories. in fact we like them so much we actually think we are our bs. Otherwise we would not be so attached to them. We take it personally when they are challenged. Grow up, they are stories.. it does not matter what someone says to you about them, you will survive.

If i think i am my stories/beliefs.. when someone comes along and their stories dont agree, we have a problem.. why ? well i am my story.. so if the story is challenged so is my existence.. survival instinct kicks in and i have to destroy or i will be destroyed..

Either this person is a mad person or i am a mad person. Obviously i am not mad so they are.. but they are in my face, help.. i need to get them locked up.. if there are lots of them we have the war thing going.