Friday, August 27, 2010

'science' of how the sun talks to us

Going to be brief on this one.. You can put the pieces together.

Part 1

If you dont know about the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, I think you should

The Noosphere Project

In summary its all about how global events are linked to random numbers. The 'significant' discovery is that when a major event happens, there are fluctuations in randomness that can be measured in random number generators spread around the world. Events can sometimes even be foreshadowed by these fluctuations. This implies there is some sort of field of consciousness that influences us and events. And that the perturbations in that consciousness are measurable in the flow of randomness away from a true statistical mean.

OK you got that.

Part 2

The Strange Case of Solar Flares and Radioactive Elements

So now we find out that solar activity can affect the decay of radioactive elements. Nice.. Why, well because originally it was this decay that was used to measure true randomness for experiments like the noosphere project above (its not any more because they have found better random number generators).

So we have shown that the random numbers that affected global events are affected by solar activity. So the sun talks to us.

If it can be shown that all random number generators exhibit this effect then you are really on for a brain strain as you have the complete 'scientific' link right there.

So the sun communicates to the consciousness field of the earth. One of the ways we notice it expressing itself is through solar activity such as sunspots..

Now maybe you don't need that stodgy old science to catch-up with what you could feel already.

If you were interested in listening to what the sun was saying.. check out my other post on what it feels like. Now, would you say a brick didn't exist if you saw it land on your foot.

Can I feel what the sun says

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