Monday, August 09, 2010

Solar Flares a go go

The Sun is waking up after a nearly 10-year sleep, there has been some major activity recently and the sun seems headed toward another period of pronounced activity, expected for 2013, the last of which occurred in 2001.

"On August 1st around 0855 UT, Earth orbiting satellites detected a C3-class solar flare. The origin of the blast was Earth-facing sunspot 1092. C-class solar flares are small (when compared to X and M-class flares) and usually have few noticeable consequences here on Earth besides aurorae. This one has spawned a coronal mass ejection heading in Earth’s direction."

“This eruption is directed right at us, and is expected to get here early in the day on August 4th,” according to astronomer Leon Golub. “It’s the first major Earth-directed eruption in quite some time.”

I felt this one hit and some aftershocks. Over the years I have been checking out how they affect me, I was aware of the activity last time around in 2000-2001. This time around I am getting much clearer on how they actually feel as they come in.

This was a biggie, a challenge to stay present right trough it. But also quite a treat to check out, I had to take the time out, take it really easy and stay tuned in. If I don't do that, I find them destabilising on my system, they can really push my field around. Its great to practice with as a sensitivity training.

If I stay locked into the earth's field, that where I find I can feel it. At the simplest level I feel it like a push forward, a shift or an acceleration of vibrational feeling.

I have noticed they take 3-4 days from the eruption to when I feel anything, which about matches the journey time for the solar particles to hit the earth's field, then there is about 1-2 days of wobble and rebalancing as the earth's field settles into a stable state again. The other thing that I notice is how it affects the people around me, that can take up to one more week before they seem affected.

I put this down to people levels of connection to the earth's field, as I normally see it hit people over period as they sort of 'soak up' the field shift. And the most disconnected, don't seem affected at all.

Here's the vid

And on august 7 there was another big one that is just passing us by right now but its a glancer not a direct hitter.

"On August 7th (1825 UT), magnetic fields around sunspot 1093 became unstable and erupted, producing a strong M1-class solar flare. Several amateur astronomers caught the active region in mid-flare, while NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded an extreme ultraviolet movie of the entire event. The eruption hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space, just missing a direct sun-Earth line. Forecasters expect the cloud to deliver no more than a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field when it billows by on August 9th or 10th--not a major space weather event."

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