Monday, December 19, 2005

god and science 2

The essential conclusion of my last god log was this:

The word god is meaningless as the meaning most people think it has, but the word has a tonne of meaning in a personalised context.

The word is a key into the individual human psyche, and tells you about the person describing god to you.

A useful conclusion if you like thinking things through.

An inner key

So with the word god you have an easy key into a persons inner world. You may say this is open to abuse by people that hold this key and know how to use it. I would say so... Its a natural step to start tampering with peoples inner world if you can set yourself up in any position of authority on the definition of the word.

This is similar to how viruses can attack computers. A virus can only get into a computer if there is what is known as a vulnerability in the system. The virus exploits the vulnerability to get into the computer and then can proceed about its nefarious business appropriating the computers assets for its own ends.

I am proposing that the equivalent human vulnerability is this:

Any human that believes any other human can define god for them has this vulnerability manifest.

For an organised group this is a very useful device and can be a powerful cohesive force to motivate societies in directions that are predetermined and planned by a leading group or individual.

If what i am discussing is not a science of god what is ?

In fact right from the very earliest human history do we see this played out time and again. The formation of the first towns and cities in the earliest cultures like the Sumerian and Egyptian are accompanied by the formation of a definition of god. Large groups of humans could only come together and operate under a unified command, if there was a command structure, a system to operate it and someone to drive it.

I am going to call this type of science religion, I want to separate this from the word spirituality which is a wholly different thing and something I may return to in another piece.

In my definition, religion is the hierarchical command system for motivating large groups of humans that operates though the 'god' psychic vulnerability in the human.

The first scientists i believe, were the first people to operate rationally constructed systems to motivate people in ways they desired. These were the high priests of the earliest cultures. And I claim that it was only when this science was understood and deployed effectively that the earliest city states came together.

You can bet these were the smartest people around. It is also interesting to note that these same people handled the geometry and mapping out of the movement of the stars and planets to a very high degree of accuracy. Certainly rational and very scientific in their approach, equivalent to the scientific elite of the day.

I don't think these fellows would have been troubled by reconciling issues of god and science. They practiced a thoroughly rational art that delivered understandable and testable results.

They certainly got the human motivation thing right, the pyramids of egypt are a constant reminder of just how good their science really was.

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