Thursday, June 21, 2007

Make feeling OK

The feelings you have are who you are
making them 'bad' takes you so far from power

its all just a program you run in your mind
that feeling some feeling's a terrible bind

outside this program is a new kingdom
there you can find your self living in freedom

How do I do this you say angrily
what I think about feelings is certianly me

Well maybe its not, what you think is a plot
it lays in the depths of your unconscious lot

Just make it OK, its a choice in the play
you may find you'r not plot but the whole lot

Your not what you think about what you feel
but you are what you feel and you choose what to think

Choose what to think about what you feel
to shift your seeing to the choice of your being

Life can unfold in a new way for your play
go back to basics and Make feeling OK

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