Saturday, February 23, 2013

Internal Arts and Music

Today I filmed some of my training session so I could watch myself to see how my form was coming along.

The lighting was nice so I decided to edit it to some of my piano music.

I am like this bagua video, it fits with the music which always felt a very circular composition to me anyway, playing with the cross fades on the video edit was fun. The music is a part of a piece I wrote called 'someday'. One day I hope to do a high quality recording of the whole piece. On the technical side the circle walking is not properly grounded, so I need to redo that when I can keep the energy right down.

There was about 18 minutes of circle walking I edited down to 4 mins..

And for some weird movements, here is a 4x time sped-up version of me doing a short set of Gods Playing In The Clouds. There are some funny expressions popping out of me. There are two sections where I dropped it back to real speed so you could see the actual motion, but it took way too long to show more at that speed.

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