Friday, October 26, 2007


Oh so i seem to write these when i am in my head.. or sometimes i write these when i am in my heart, and i found something new in my head

Oh follow the heart say the wise and the wise

But what does that mean in this funny old world, this funny old world we find our selves meeting in..

The boy looked to the skies..

Well who really knows say the wise to the wise

I find myself thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking

When i should be beating and breathing and breathing.

But should means i am thinking and not really breathing.. but but but

I am all..

Breathing thinking and beating and knowing and not knowing and knowing again..


There is nothing to do then ?

Unless there is something to do.


But is it fun..

Or is it surely on the way to fun.. for you.. individually you..

Then there is something to do

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